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FIFTH Wellness

Kaitlyn McDonough, a true health and wellness expert, has been in the industry for over 9+ years with multiple years of brand management, marketing, and  strategic  communication  experience. Prior to launching FIFTH, Kaitlyn worked a part of Reebok Global Corporate Communications, PR, Social, & Brand Newsroom team. While at Reebok, Kaitlyn saw a missing link in the industry and created an experiential fitness/wellness program that brings together brands, fitness professionals, & community to experience each others products/services in real time. 


Kaitlyn believes “Positive minds, create positive futures.” She incorporates the power of mindfulness and positivity into her own foundation to motivate clients to challenge + conquer their limiting thoughts and behaviors. Kaitlyn obtained her personal trainer, life coaching, and nutrition specialist certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, (NASM) and is also a certified yoga, barre, and spin instructor. Kaitlyn passion and love for the health & wellness industry comes from her dedication to help individuals achieve and maintain a happy & healthy lifestyle Mind, Body, and Soul.


What inspired you to create FIFTH

Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to create something that would help change someone's life for the better. Throughout my own journey I began realizing how so many things in this world come full circle, and how it is only YOU that has the power to create and control YOUR future. One of my many favorite quotes is “Don’t let someone else in this world be the narrative of your story.” Throughout my years as a personal trainer I began noticing people all having the same similar long term goal on wanting to live a happier and healthier life, and all having similar responses on why they struggled to achieve and maintain that goal. I believe in order to achieve and maintain the goal of living a happier and healthier lifestyle, you must first create a strong overall foundation mind, body, and soul. Once you develop a strong foundation you then are able to learn how to create YOUR roots that lead you to figuring out how to control YOUR future. Through building my own foundation I was inspired to create FIFTH. FIFTH purpose is to help individuals create their own foundation to achieving and maintaining a happier and healthier lifestyle mind, body, and soul. 

How did you come up with the name FIFTH?

Creating a business name can definitely be challenging. For me I knew I wanted a strong name that was catchy, unique, and held personal sentimental value. It took me awhile to fall upon FIFTH but once I did I knew instantly that was it. Throughout my life I kept noticing important and memorable things continuously happening on the 5th, my Grandmother who I was very close with and was someone very important in shaping my foundation was also born on the 5th. My Grandma inspired and touch the lives of every single person she met, she was dealt a hard hand, yet her positivity, strength and resilience was nothing short of amazing and admirable. I can only hope that FIFTH is able to help others the same way she was able to leave her lifetime impression on this world. 

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