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Travel Polaroids
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Wood Bridge Walking
Beach Vacation
Desert Road
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Traveling has the ability to provide us with some really amazing and important physical and physiological health and wellness benefits. Traveling is known to help relieve stress, boost self-confidence, and improve not only our level of intelligence but also our understanding of others, their differences, and cultures. Wither you are traveling alone, or with loved ones, traveling certainly will create and provide you with life lasting memories and unforgettable experiences.  


Traveling unfortunately can also provide people with a lot of unwanted fears and anxieties that can be very harsh on one's health. Though we typically don't think to associate negative emotions like travel fears with traveling, traveling for some can be a very uncomfortable and scary experience. Some examples of travel fears and anxieties include forms of travel transportations and accommodations like flying on a plane, or staying some place overnight other than at home . Other examples also include moving to another home, state or country, having a loved one travel away for an extended period of time, or having to travel alone. 

FIFTH Travel will break down and provide advice on the good, the bad, and the ugly of traveling. From travel tips/tricks, to the best ways to stay healthy while traveling, travel necessities you never knew you needed, ways to conquer your travel fears, and travel itineraries for all types of getaways!

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