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FIFTH is Your Foundation to 
Inspiration, Fitness, Travel, and Health.

A fitness, lifestyle, & wellness brand + full service agency. FIFTH is committed to helping individuals achieve and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle, mind, body, and soul.  

At FIFTH, we believe everyone's path to their foundation is uniquely different, & pride ourselves in our premier and customized services. FIFTH approaches everything with a curious and open mind. We strongly encourage positive forms of expression and exploration, and only recommend what we love and believe in.

 FIFTH Wellness

Kaitlyn McDonough, a true health and wellness expert, has been in the industry for over 9+ years with multiple years of brand management, marketing, and  strategic  communication  experience. Prior to launching FIFTH, Kaitlyn worked a part of Reebok Global Corporate Communications, PR, Social, & Brand Newsroom team. While at Reebok, Kaitlyn saw a missing link in the industry and created an experiential fitness/wellness program that brings together brands, fitness professionals, & community to experience each others products/services in real time. 


Kaitlyn believes “Positive minds, create positive futures.” She incorporates the power of mindfulness and positivity into her own foundation to motivate clients to challenge + conquer their limiting thoughts and behaviors. Kaitlyn obtained her personal trainer, life coaching, and nutrition specialist certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, (NASM) and is also a certified yoga, barre, and spin instructor. Kaitlyn passion and love for the health & wellness industry comes from her dedication to help individuals achieve and maintain a happy & healthy lifestyle Mind, Body, and Soul.

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