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What we wear has a huge impact on our mental wellbeing. Is, "I just need some retail therapy." a statement you have heard before? I am sure you have! Clothes can mentally affect our moods, attention, how we feel about ourselves, and can also signify how we want to be treated and accepted by others. Our mental state of mind plays a significant role in the outfits that we choose to wear on a daily basis. Think about it: do you have a specific go-to outfit for going out with friends or to a gathering? If you have an important meeting or event do you stress about finding the perfect outfit to wear? When you're out shopping and find a great deal, do you feel happy and proud about yourself? More likely than not we all have experienced one if not all of these examples on how fashion impacts our overall mental wellbeing and health. Fashion truly is in the eye of the beholder and we are so fortunate to have fashion as an outlet to be able to express ourselves, our identities, and how we feel.


FIFTH Fashion will talk with expert fashion stylists and designers to uncover their fashion must haves, go to tips and tricks, and find out which fashion pieces they believe are worth the splurge. We will also provide advice on how to score the best fashion deals, and break down all FIFTH Favorite Fashion brands.

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